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Random Assault 251: Six Years of This Bulls**t

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This week on the Random Assault Podcast, it's our 6th anniversary! ...And nothing has gotten any better. Mitch starts off the show furiously with his computer woes, but then we roll right along with talk of Breath of the Wild and Samurai Jack. Then, surprise surprise, Mitch and Matt show just how bad at video games they actually are. And then Kate keeps tripping over the Breakfast Machine she's set up in her kitchen and Matt just about loses his mind. Here's to another 250 episodes of this misery!

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Random Assault Podcast Episode 069: Too Board To Game

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What'd we talk about on this one? I wouldn't know because I wasn't there for most of it. But I heard tell there were tales of animal dildos, the Donkey Kongs that return to the country, and our boling hatred for Stan Lee. Then we get into Sega games, we smack a few gods, and we reminisce about the board games of old. It's two hours and twenty minutes of pure, unfiltered, mediocre talk radio. Download and enjoy!

Let's Play: Sonic Adventure 2 Battle Multiplayer

Sonic Adventure 2 is not good, but you know what's worse? It's multiplayer. David and Eric torture themselves with one of the most broken and useless multiplayer modes out there.