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Random Assault 075: Naughty Rare


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Ooo, Alex wasn't invited to the Gurren Lagann Minor Assault. And Kate's just her usual bitchy self. So Alex made them pay... with their lives. ...And then Alex, Matt and Tony had a completely normal, relatively fatality-free podcast! Alex talks about his newfound love for Naughty Bear, the guys talk about the new Pokemon games, and then... more rare game talk!

Ending song is "Wake Up" by DeepNorth!

Random Assault 074: Golden Boys (...and Kate)


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Come, now! Pick your piece and let's get this game a-rollin'! Meanwhile Alex can tell you about watching more of Regular Show, and his disdain for Adventure Time! Tony'll talk about a rare, literally-one-of-a-kind rom that he almost got his hands on, we'll go over special editions of board games, and lastly, Alex watched a buttload of anime! Now hit play on your media player and collect $200, because this episode might be over before the end of an actual game of Monopoly.

Random Assault 073: Anal Fantasy

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Matt, Kate and Tony start off by talking about Django Unchained and other Tarantino flicks, then Mitch hops on just in time to discuss Assassin's Creed 3. Then the whole thing goes to shit as Mitch tries to defend Final Fantasy XIII and eventually it turns to stories of Matt's masturbatory habits, as usual.

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Random Assault 072: A Normal Episode

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I'm sure the first segment of this episode is great and all, but I wouldn't know because once again, my router decided to be a piece of shit just in time for recording time! Then, Alex finally gets to gush about Regular Show, and then we get a little un-Apologetic. Prepare for another great EP-I-SOOOODE! OOOOOOOOOOH!!

Random Assault 071: The Deepness of Christopher Loins

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The Random Assault crew breaks that oh-so flimsy of fourth walls and does a very Christmas-heavy episode despite the fact that it wouldn't have been posted until January. Mitch raises the ghosts of a few cult classic Christmas specials, Kate finally plays Klonoa, Tony muses about Metroid, and Mitch reviews another fucking talking dog movie. It's just another Friday night at the ol' Random Assault roadhouse! (I'm very drunk right now, I don't know what I'm saying)

Random Assault Podcast Episode 070: Dishonored.

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Ooph. Ooooooph. This one. Thiiiis one. Yeah, it's a good episode, to be sure. But things get a little weird in the middle. Like, really weird. Even for us. Alex nearly abandons ship. Don't say we didn't warn you. Segments 1 and 3 are pretty great, though!

RAXMAS 2012: Random Assault Saves EVERY Christmas!

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What starts as a normal Christmas celebration for the hosts (and Coughman) turns into a mad-dash hunt to find Mitch for the hosts! (And Jake). A higher Christmas power has intervened, and it may be the end for the resident loudmouth of Random Assault. And to top it all off, an old evil has risen again to make sure that this is the worst Christmas ever! What lengths will the RA hosts go to get their most annoying member back? Will they dare go... religious?!

Download and listen to this epic new special, made with love and lots and lots of blood and sweat and tears and semen.

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Random Assault Podcast 067: You Don't Know Alex

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This week, Mitch and Matt bond over Adventure Time and Bravest Warriors, Alex takes up most of the episode with talk about a certain irreverent game show, the podcast crashes somehow, Kate moves furniture, Tony sits in silence, and Mitch lists off his game collection in a droning deadpan! What else have you come to expect from our show, anyway?!

I'm too tired to type up the rest of this landing page, I'm sure Kate will fix it eventually.

Random Assault Unofficial Cast

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So, what exactlt is this? Well, just because Random Assault is taking a little break doesn't mean it's hosts are. We still meet up at the normal recording times to hash through any business and get caught up on what each other are doing. These have been going so well that we decided to take some of the more interresting normal conversations and edit them into a cast-long enterprise just for you so your heads wouldn't explode waiting for us. But first, a little Q&A:

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Go Home Dinosaurs Play Testing/Interview

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Alex sits down with Eitan and Sean of Firehose Games for a very unorthodox interview to talk about their up-and-coming BBQ defense simulator "Go Home Dinosaurs" (100% historically accurate) and shoot the shit about some other stuff.  Have a listen with no omissions of "fucks," "shits," or irreverance of any kind. Enjoy.