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Random Assault 241: The People's Console

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This week on the Random Assault Podcast, things get awkward as Mitch starts talking about... "meme theory"? We also find out the poor fool doesn't watch TV. Matt and Mitch talk at length about that gloriously awful Sonic OVA, and Kate whisks everyone away on a magical journey to see why the PS2 generation was the greatest of them all. Glory to Ken Kutaragi! Glory to the Motherconsole!

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The Dolphin Hunter: Part 1


Getting every PAL GameCube game. The hell was I thinking?! Out of the PlayStation 2, Xbox, and GameCube, I have the least games for the Cube (8). From what I’ve read there’s 450+ games for me to get, and I have no idea where to start.

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Making A Collection


 If you listened to RA 064 I announced that I would collect EVERY Game Cube game made. I was never really into collecting things as a kid. When I was young all the other kids had their stickers and cards, and a few years later…..POGS. I never hated the idea; I just felt there wasn’t anything for me out there.

Growing up in England meant kids were collecting football (soccer) cards and stickers every year. Never was a fan of the sport and I still don’t care for it, and I wasn’t about to jump on a bandwagon to make friends through it either. I DID try a few times to collect cards and crap from comics but never finished them.

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Let's Play: Metroid Prime 2 Multiplayer

Metroid Prime 2 Echoes may not have kicked off the unnecessary multiplayer trend, but it's a part of it and David and Eric suit up to see who's the better hunter.

Let's Play: Sonic Adventure 2 Battle Multiplayer

Sonic Adventure 2 is not good, but you know what's worse? It's multiplayer. David and Eric torture themselves with one of the most broken and useless multiplayer modes out there.