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Let's Play: Monster's Inc Scream Arena

Monster's Inc was a wonderful Pixar movie and, for some reason, someone thought it was a good idea to make a dodgeball video game based on it. We suffer through it for your viewing pleasure.

Let's Play: LittleBigPlanet 2 Multiplayer

We take a break from suffering through truly terrible games to play some LittleBigPlanet 2 together. Watch as we shoot cake at each other and fail to master the most basic techniques.

Let's Play: Kirby's Air Ride multiplayer

Kirby's Air Ride is also known as the worst Nintendo game on the Gamecube, so David, Derek and Josh sit down and play every single mode of it.

Let's Play: Conker Live and Reloaded Multiplayer

Conker's Bad Fur Day was one of the best Nintendo 64 games and the Xbox remake boasts an all new plot filled multiplayer mode. David and Eric team up to wipe out the tediz.

Let's Play: Metroid Prime 2 Multiplayer

Metroid Prime 2 Echoes may not have kicked off the unnecessary multiplayer trend, but it's a part of it and David and Eric suit up to see who's the better hunter.

Let's Play: Sonic Adventure 2 Battle Multiplayer

Sonic Adventure 2 is not good, but you know what's worse? It's multiplayer. David and Eric torture themselves with one of the most broken and useless multiplayer modes out there.

Let's Play: Punchout!! Multiplayer

Punch-Out!! on Wii adds multiplayer to the mix, maybe it's because the developer is Canadian? (it does explain Bear Hugger) Eric and David face off as Little Mac and Little Mac's evil clone to see who's king of the ring.

Just the Tip: Pikmin 2 Challenge Mode

Eric and David work together to see how many Pikmin it takes to blow open a few of the challenge levels in Pikmin 2.

Let's Play: Pikmin 2 Multiplayer

Pikmin 2 has competitive multiplayer, but is it any good? David and Eric throw down to see whose Pikmin reign supreme.