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Minor Assault: MAGFest 2016

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DISCLAIMER: This Minor Assault episode and Episode 204 are part of the same episode. We had the DC Stunt Coalition guys on for the third segment, and they were so good and so enthusiastic, (plus that segment went on for almost 2 hours), we just decided to make that one Episode 204. This Minor Assault is the first two segments of what would be that full episode.

We're joined by listeners and fans alike, including TURbo, Chris Ott, Timmy Pags, and Richard Hotsauce Carolina, to recap our experiences at this year's Music and Games Festival! It should be noted that we had a LOT of people in the room by Segment 2 of this episode, so it gets rough, but it's still great!

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Minor Assault: Fallout 4

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Hello out there, from the glowing green jewel of the Commonwealth! Join Matt, Alex, Mitch, and listeners WillyFresh and Breener as they take a tour through Bethesda's newest janky epic (now that they've had some time to spend with it.) From the nostalgic hills of Sanctuary to the desolate wastes south of the border, we gush over Fallout 4 and its effect on our lives since it dropped back in November.

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Minor Assault: Mortal Kombat X

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Random Assault is here with the inevitable Minor Assault about the latest installment of the Mortal Kombat franchise Mortal Kombat X. Luke "TotalMortalKombat" Cunningham and Le "Mr. Suitman" Tran joins Alex as they dissect the good and bad about the game and then dig deep into the story, where it's going and where it might end up in the nerdiest way imaginable. God, what a bunch of fucking nerds. I just want to beat them until they explode into  fourteen ribcages, ten skulls and seven femurs. NERDS!

Minor Assault: Super Smash Bros.

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THIS WEEK ON MIIIIIIINOR ASSAAAAAAAAULT, we have Adamant Ditto here to talk to Alex and Mitch about Super Smash Bros for 3DS, and the series as a whole. We talk about what we're excited to see in the forthcoming Wii U version, our mains, and where we thought the series hit its high point. THIS GAME'S WINNER IS... YOU!

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Minor Assault: What the fuck is #GamerGate?

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KILL ALL MEN! Listener Richard explains to Flabslapper what the actual fuck #GamerGate is and why people should care. Because I certainly have no idea what the fuck is going on anymore, that's for sure.

Read about it yourself and form your own opinion, but who does that anymore, right?

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4. http://www.breitbart.com/Breitbart-Lo...
5. http://www.escapistmagazine.com/forum...
6. http://www.funnyjunk.com/Read+descrip...
7. http://thefineyoungcapitalists.tumblr...
8. http://seanmalstrom.wordpress.com/201...
9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9MxqS...

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Minor Assault: Super Smash Bros. 4 Roster "Leak"

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Alex, Le Tran and Jayson Canning come together to discuss the newest hot button in the Smash Bros. community. Are the supposed ESRB leaks legit? Are they totally fake and stupid? Will this all matter in three weeks? Who knows? But speculation can be fun and we still got time to wait for the time so let this help quench your impatient fan fire for now.


COULD THIS SCREEN SHOT BE REAL?!!!! The real "leaked" shots after the jump so as not to spoil anything

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Minor Assault: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

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Matt, Alex, David and Le hop on to discuss the new Michael Bay Ninja Turtles movie! Cowabunga?

Minor Assault: Godzilla

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Matt, WillyFresh and Le Tran get all kaiju on your ass and talk about the King of Monsters. And maybe Jet Jaguar. I dunno.

Minor Assault: Random Encounters!

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Mitch and Kate take Tony on a magical mystery tour through a genre of game he's often dared not to tread: role-playing games! The three talk about various highlights from the genre as well as some of the big-name series like Pokemon and Final Fantasy. If you're a newbie to RPGs, give this one a listen and you might just discover some new games that could very well end up being your new favorites!

Minor Assault: The Last of Us

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Hey, kids! It's another fancy-shmancy Minor Assault. Matt and Tony gush like little girls about every last detail of Naughty Dog's The Last of Us. Join us for an unforgettable journey through deserted towns, hordes of zombies, and girls who kind of look like Ellen Page but ain't.