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Minor Assault: Super Smash Bros. 4 Roster "Leak"

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Alex, Le Tran and Jayson Canning come together to discuss the newest hot button in the Smash Bros. community. Are the supposed ESRB leaks legit? Are they totally fake and stupid? Will this all matter in three weeks? Who knows? But speculation can be fun and we still got time to wait for the time so let this help quench your impatient fan fire for now.


COULD THIS SCREEN SHOT BE REAL?!!!! The real "leaked" shots after the jump so as not to spoil anything

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Random Assault 104: Cat Fight

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This week, Kate follows Mitch's financial advice and gets a Wii U, so expect quite a bit of Mario talk. Then, Tony and Mitch attempt to talk about the BEST SHOW EVER, and then we talk a lot about James Bond, almost exactly 100 episodes too late for a James Bond-themed banner.

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