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Random Assault 077: Potty Mouths


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Luke, aka TotalMortalKombat, joins us for an episode where we talk about farts, poops, weird toilets and restaurants, cum shots (not the kind you're thinking of), and a lot of talk about how Americans are fatass slobs. It's a loud, rip-roarin' episode with just a touch of the outback!

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Random Assault 075: Naughty Rare


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Ooo, Alex wasn't invited to the Gurren Lagann Minor Assault. And Kate's just her usual bitchy self. So Alex made them pay... with their lives. ...And then Alex, Matt and Tony had a completely normal, relatively fatality-free podcast! Alex talks about his newfound love for Naughty Bear, the guys talk about the new Pokemon games, and then... more rare game talk!

Ending song is "Wake Up" by DeepNorth!

Random Assault 074: Golden Boys (...and Kate)


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Come, now! Pick your piece and let's get this game a-rollin'! Meanwhile Alex can tell you about watching more of Regular Show, and his disdain for Adventure Time! Tony'll talk about a rare, literally-one-of-a-kind rom that he almost got his hands on, we'll go over special editions of board games, and lastly, Alex watched a buttload of anime! Now hit play on your media player and collect $200, because this episode might be over before the end of an actual game of Monopoly.

Random Assault 073: Anal Fantasy

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Matt, Kate and Tony start off by talking about Django Unchained and other Tarantino flicks, then Mitch hops on just in time to discuss Assassin's Creed 3. Then the whole thing goes to shit as Mitch tries to defend Final Fantasy XIII and eventually it turns to stories of Matt's masturbatory habits, as usual.

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TV Book Club Episode 22 - Pining for the peaks

After a batman related break, we are back and continue to be enthralled by Twin Peaks. We are still enjoying our double dose of Elijah Wood with Tron: Uprising and Wilfred, though Tron is on a brief hiatus now. David isn't doing anything of interest. Faith is taking advantage of the DVR to its fullest extend and Josh is trying to watch all of the shows.


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