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The POW Block Episode 22

The POW Block Episode 22 has gone gold. We return from our brief hiatus on the....uh.....'weak' side. This week only David and George hold down the fort to talk about games, movies, and tv.

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TPB Episode 21 Part 2

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The POW Block Episode 21

We turned 21!The POW Block Episode 21 has arrived and this brings with it the much teased monoplecast. This week Alex returns and brings food for us to talk about. We also wrap up the Super Mario RPG backlog.

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The POW Block Episode 20 (Part 2)

The POW Block Episode 20 (Part 2) is a real episode. We want to save episode 21 for something truly spectacular and have big plans for next week! This week, however, is still going strong. The regular crew is here and we're talking about game (big surprise). Everything else is once again smushed into the new 'other' segment. Of course, we are still going strong into Super Mario RPG for the backlog, this week we discuss star 5, Enjoy!

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The POW Block Episode 20

Right on time this week. The POW Block Episode 20 is yet another long one. This week we converse on many repeats including GTA, Pokemon, MadWorld, Riddick, gum, along with just a bit more. This week marks our second week of Super Mario RPG! Listen on to hear our thoughts on the second two stars.

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The POW Block Episode 19

Better late than never! The POW Block Episode 19 is finally here. Sorry for the delay, the internet wanted to take forever to upload. Join us this week for discussions on GTA, Pokemon, MadWorld, Riddick, gum, and much more! Stay tuned after the credits for the first installment of Super Mario RPG backlog.

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Mirrors Edge Review

 In Every console generation, a game will release that fundamentally changes the view of how a certain aspect is properly done. With the Nintendo 64/PlayStation era, Super Mario 64 changed the way that 3D games are viewed; with the Gamecube/Xbox/PlayStation 2 era, Halo changed the way that 1st person shooters on consoles are viewed. Now Mirror's Edge has come along and will change the way that platforming in a 1st person perspective is used.

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Too Human Review

It has been almost ten years since we first heard about Too Human, not that it has been in development, or has been the same game for those ten years like some games (I'm looking at you Duke Nukem), but it seems that it is finally time for Too Human to grace us with its presence.

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The POW Block Episode 18

The POW Block Episode 18 is out! Join David, Eric, Derek, and the return of other Derek as they talk about many a things. This week's topics include Halo Wars, Deadly Creatures, Across the Universe, Family Guy, and much more. Stay tuned after the credits for the Duke Nukem 3D backlog and prepare for next week's Super Mario RPG backlog, where we'll get to the first two stars.

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Deadly Creatures Review

There are not too many games about bugs, or even more specific, Arachnids. So as a nice change of pace, Rainbow Studios has provided a new Wii game, which is coincidentally a nice change of pace for them and on the console which is also a nice change of pace. Enter Deadly Creatures, the action adventure game in which you explore the world as a Tarantula and a Scorpion. So is this breath of fresh air actually good? Read on to find out.

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