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Time Hollow Review

When you design a game, it should Be for the console that would suit it the best. Time Hollow is perfect for the DS and could only be done, at the same quality, on the DS. That being said, Time Hollow is not really a game. It looks, at first glance, like a point and click adventure game, but is more in line with a visual novel. The real draw being its fantastic story. It follows Ethan Kairos, a 17 year old student who comes across a device called the Hollow Pen, which allows him to open holes in time and manipulate the events on the other side.

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House of the Dead Overkill Review

The Wii seems like the perfect console for light gun shooters, one of its main functions is the IR sensor, but, with the exception of Resident Evil The Umbrella Chronicles, we have not had a well produced game to test this out. House of the Dead fans should also be wondering if this game is truly worthy of the House of the Dead name. It has long been synonymous with light gun games, so does this Wii exclusive version live up?

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The POW Block Episode 23

The POW Block Episode 23 is here. We continue this week by only having two participants, David and Derek. We do get down and dirty with Excitebots: Trick Racing, Crank 2: High Voltage, Fast and Furious, and Firefly.

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Games Segment: 2:15-17:25

Movies Segment: 17:55-41:30

TV Segment: 42:20-1:01:25

GTA Chinatown Wars Review

Ah Grand Theft Auto, what will you do next. You already rocked the current console generation with Grand Theft Auto 4 and introduced a new style of downloadable content on consoles with The Lost and Damned. Now you return to your top-down roots with Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars. Your last venture into this once familiar land was not a pleasant one, so how does this one fare? Read on to find out.

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The POW Block Episode 22

The POW Block Episode 22 has gone gold. We return from our brief hiatus on the....uh.....'weak' side. This week only David and George hold down the fort to talk about games, movies, and tv.

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TPB Episode 21 Part 2

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The POW Block Episode 21

We turned 21!The POW Block Episode 21 has arrived and this brings with it the much teased monoplecast. This week Alex returns and brings food for us to talk about. We also wrap up the Super Mario RPG backlog.

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The POW Block Episode 20 (Part 2)

The POW Block Episode 20 (Part 2) is a real episode. We want to save episode 21 for something truly spectacular and have big plans for next week! This week, however, is still going strong. The regular crew is here and we're talking about game (big surprise). Everything else is once again smushed into the new 'other' segment. Of course, we are still going strong into Super Mario RPG for the backlog, this week we discuss star 5, Enjoy!

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The POW Block Episode 20

Right on time this week. The POW Block Episode 20 is yet another long one. This week we converse on many repeats including GTA, Pokemon, MadWorld, Riddick, gum, along with just a bit more. This week marks our second week of Super Mario RPG! Listen on to hear our thoughts on the second two stars.

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The POW Block Episode 19

Better late than never! The POW Block Episode 19 is finally here. Sorry for the delay, the internet wanted to take forever to upload. Join us this week for discussions on GTA, Pokemon, MadWorld, Riddick, gum, and much more! Stay tuned after the credits for the first installment of Super Mario RPG backlog.

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