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Random Assault 250: The Final Fantasy VII House (F**k You, David and Dylan!)


Click the banner to listen to the episode, right-click it and save-as to download the episode!

This week on the Random Assault Podcast, listener HP Suavecraft comes on to talk to us about the titular subject, beating It Came From the Internet to the punch by about 14 years. However, he, Matt and Mitch also discuss the new skits uploaded to the Random Assault YouTube channel, the perils of moving to Delaware, and old Flash game memories. The 2nd segment is entirely dominated by talk of Breath of the Wild, and then Kate crashes the party to talk about Samurai Jack's revival, and how the internet is tormenting Shia LeBouf.

Nothing like some clickbait for the landing page. (We talk about Shadbase.)

Mitch bought it. This is the episode.

Kate follows the Blue Blur into the 3rd dimension.

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