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Random Assault 242: The Spongebob Spectrum

Click the banner to listen to the episode, right-click it and save-as to download the episode!

This week on the Random Assault Podcast, we're joined by long-time Mitch-hater and short-time listener Phil-Angie Carpal! We get him to try and explain why Rick and Morty is a thing people like, Matt talks about Nazis (as usual), Mitch finally talks about Final Fantasy X for the final time, forever, and Mitch and Matt gush over the final demo for Resident Evil 7, and ponder the game's future. Oh, and fanfiction. But, not of us this time. Oh no.

Damn straight, you stayed up to watch this shit!

Look, we all have that one game in our Steam library that's there cause we're like "man if my friend goes on my computer and sees this that'll be worth a giggle m8"

Some boundaries were not meant to be crossed; some things were never meant for this realm. God is dead and we slash-ficced him.

Click. Like. Share. And if you met us at MAGFest and this is the first thing you're seeing: I'm sorry. I am very sick and my ability to care has all but diminished.

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